Buffer silos and handling systems

Buffer silo

​Buffer silo for receiving biomass and waste that is unloaded from trucks directly into the silo.

The silo is equipped with a powerful hydraulic auger at the bottom.

Buffer silos can be delivered in sizes up to 250 mᶾ in black or stainless quality.

The silo is used as a reception buffer for biomass, waste from destruction facilities, fish waste and slaughterhouse waste.


​60 mᶾ buffer silo

Raw material tanks

Raw material tanks with a capacity of up to 1,000 mᶾ storage of industrial fish and other liquid feed and waste products.

The raw material tanks are delivered with powerful hydraulic auger extraction and controlled discharge via sliding dampers.

The raw material tanks can be delivered in black or stainless steel.


6 x 400 mᶾ raw material tanks with auger extract

Snail conveyor

Snail conveyor for moving loose goods and liquid products.

The augers are delivered with an output of up to 250 mᶾ/hour and are made of stainless or black steel.

Scraper conveyor

Open cleanable conveyors for transporting biomass and soft products.

The conveyors are made of stainless steel and are supplied with lattice doors over the trough.

The conveyors are glass-blown on all external surfaces.

The conveyors have a capacity of up to 250 mᶾ/hour.

Automatic scale

Double scale for weighing soft products.

The scale is delivered with a capacity of up to 250 mᶾ/hour and is made of stainless steel.

Bunker facilities for fuel oil