Heat accumulation

Heat storage tanks are an indispensable element of all heating systems today to ensure optimum and economic operation.

Heat storage tanks have proved their economic and operating benefits in heating systems using biomass, with gas motors, solar panels, heat pump, waste heat or a combination of several heat sources.

Steeltank’s specially produced diffusers ensure effective separation between the hot and cold zones of the tank.

Heat storage tanks are delivered with high-efficiency insulation in order to minimise heat loss. The normal insulation thickness is 300 mm on the shell and roof, however greater degrees of insulation are financially advantageous in many instances.

Shell insulation can quite beneficially be increased to 400-500 mm and roof insulation to 400-600 mm.

The tanks can be delivered with long-life cladding in profile and colour  as desired.

The roof surface may be covered with profiled cladding or pressure-resistant batts with roofing felt cladding.

Examples of heat storage tanks